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A Netflix original series directed by the Wachowskis starring multinational ensemble cast. As part of the Indian crew in the art department and a Set Dresser, I took charge of sourcing of props and set dressings as well as on-set dressing. It was a fairly tightly scheduled shoot with no wiggle room, which allowed me to learn redressing different setups in the same space. I also got the opportunity to hone different skills like coordinating with the art department, artwork clearance, making a wrapbook, etc.


This BBC production feature film was based on the real events surrounding the relationship between Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and her Indian servant Abdul Karim.

As an assistant to the Set Decorator, I researched the late Victorian era and sourced set dressings and props. I was responsible for the most essential task of managing the prop shipments and inventories as well as on-set dressing. In addition, I supported the re-creation of mid-nineteenth century market streets of Agra, which required me to conduct detailed research on the subject.

A short film set in the Vietnam war era created by students of Savannah College of Art and Design as a part of their thesis. The film portrays an unlikely friendship between an American soldier captured in a tunnel prison in Vietnam and the young man guarding his cell.

As a part of the art department, I found this project challenging yet fun due to the setups required for the narrative. We built a set for the Viet-Cong tunnel prison cell in our Savannah film studio and transformed a modern-day house into a soldier's house from the 1960's. In my role as Set Decorator for this project, I had fun researching, sourcing the set dressings and props, as well as dressing and ageing the sets. 




set dec | designer

Manali Gavankar

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