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Mixed Media Art

Exploring the nooks and corners of India, I have curated unique spaces for narratives, drawing inspiration from the bustling markets, vivid colors, mesmerizing reflections, and intricate textiles. Through photography and mixed media art, I intertwine these vibrant elements, creating digital and physical collages that reflect the essence of my artistic journey. With each creation, I seek to convey the beauty and interconnectedness of diverse mediums, much like the art of set styling itself.

Blossoming Kaleidoscope- A Harmonious Tapestry of Indian Floral Splendor.png
:::Blossoming Kaleidoscope:::

Mixed Media Digital Collage | 2023

From hand woven wonders to intricate embroideries, each piece of fabric I got to sourced while working in India has inspired my creative vision. Having an abundance of flora and fauna in my own backyard while growing up, I often overlooked the beauty of flowers. Although, as I moved away from home for work, I couldn’t resist embracing their vibrant charm during my sourcing trips to the flower markets.

From resisting to embracing, my journey through the vibrant flower markets and bustling fabric shops of Mumbai has transformed my creative soul.


This artwork is a testament to the power of embracing the enchanting mundanity that surrounds us, igniting creativity in every stitch

:::Smoky Radiance:::

Mixed Media Art | 2022

In the creation of "Smoky Radiance", the laughter and camaraderie of a face art night solidified into a tangible form. Through a combination of digital manipulation and tactile painting, the vibrancy of our shared creativity was captured, ignited by luminescent paints. This piece embodies my tranquil journey through self-doubt, transforming it into a vivid celebration of artistry


set dec | designer

Manali Gavankar

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