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M.A. Production Design Projects

This is a collection of diverse projects I worked on during my time as an M.A. Production Design student at the Savannah College of Art and Design. This program comprised of classes such as Script Analysis and Conceptualisation, Production Design Theory and Practice, Production Design Studio Class, Decorative Arts class, etc. These projects have allowed me to push the envelope of my creativity and conceptualisation, and helped develop new skills such as digital 3D modelling, Set Design, Graphic Design, Storyboarding and 2D drafting to name a few.

Asphodel Meadows

Music Festival

We designed a music festival based on the script of Shakespeare's Hamlet as a part of the Script Analysis and Conceptualisation class. The class was asked to analyse the script of Hamlet and develop it into any idea, for which my group chose a music festival.

The Asphodel Meadows is a section of the ancient Greek underworld where ordinary souls were sent to live after death. With the title, concept and design of the music festival, we aimed to draw parallels between the world of Hamlet and the Greek mythology.

As a part of the group, I was responsible for virtual scouting for locations, concept development, selection of artists/bands, designing the tickets and flyers for the festival, and for creating the look and feel appropriate to the theme.

A Christmas Carol,


In my Production Design Studio 1 class, we designed A Christmas Carol in the splendid Lucas Theatre in Savannah, GA. I decided to give my own spin on it by basing it in Goa, a former Portuguese colony in India. Christmas being one of the most celebrated festivals in Goa, I reimagined A Christmas Carol in the Goan culture by designing the sets inculcating the cultural elements of Goa and developing the character of Scrooge to suit the concept. As a part of this project, I worked on the script analysis and development, creating the mood boards and look book for the play, designing 3D models of the stage and rendering the final scene of the play.

Gone With The Wind

Drayton Hall

As a part of the Evolution of Production Design Class, I worked on reimagining the 12 Oaks scenes from Gone With The Wind in Drayton Hall, a historic mansion in South Carolina. As an individual Production Design Project, I worked on the script development, creating the mood boards for interior and exterior scenes, researching and designing landscapes for outdoor scenes, selecting materials, props and set dressings etc. to establish the look and feel of the project. In addition to this, we also learnt the methods of location scouting through carefully surveying Drayton Hall and worked on drafting section drawings, detailed drafting and restoration of a Palladian Fireplace.

Virtual Restoration Project

This was a group project for virtual restoration of a historic mansion. For this, we chose Chateau De Gudanes in France as our virtual restoration site. As a part of the group, I worked on creating the look and feel proposal, selecting the materials and architectural styles to restore the broken pieces of one room and a kitchen of the Chateau, making the ceiling, walls, flooring and colour palette choices for the restoration.

set dec | designer

Manali Gavankar

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