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The Chair Project

This was a project for the Production Design Theory and Practice class during Fall 2018. Throughout the course of this quarter, we were asked to get a chair and modify it based on the design principles every week to be presented with a backstory. We were asked to present the final transformation of our chairs through a single-shot video. I transformed my chair into a Diwali Lantern (Akash Kandil). A Diwali lantern is traditionally made using colourful paper. I used sheer fabrics instead of paper to enhance the look of the lantern.

The single-shot video of the final transformation of my chair project was shot just around the time of Diwali - the Indian Festival of Lights. Being from India and spending my first ever Diwali away from home, I decided to channelize this emotion through the project and convey the feeling of wanting to celebrate the festival through the video.

set dec | designer

Manali Gavankar

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